Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Flash. flash. trying to learn more Flash.

I still might abandon this blog... Though It is good for throwing Illustration Friday stuff up.

Could i use it for my coursework? maybe.. somehow.


Decisions, decisions.

hmmm hmmmmmm. still closed.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


On September 16th I start on my Final year of Animation. Trying to get back into the swing of updating my blogger, Twitter and all the rest. Refreshing my skills with some animation and drawing. 
I've got a meeting at Kuro Dragon on monday and im bracing the gates for when GTA V is released, going to try and not let that effect my work life too much. 

Been working with some great Artists at my job at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle. Alan Kwan, Simon Katan and Simon Farid. They've all introduced me to some great ideas and blown my mind in many ways. 

Also my 'Hallucinations' Loop made onto Loopdeloop.

Hopefully lots of things to come... 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


While I decide wether or not to keep this blog updated, or start a new one.. Heres something new.

This months Theme for the Loopdeloop competition is 'Hallucinations'.

I thought I'd have a go. This is a short run down of the process.

a few quick sketches to get me started, 
Coloured up 

Taken into flash and cleaned up the lines ready to animate

Added some of the extra assets, moving parts which I export as a .png from flash and then break apart in photoshop before importing to After Effects. 

I did the eyes on a separate layer so I could render them out separately and move them around or edit them further when I takes these files into After Effects. The eyes, the hair, and most of the animation is done frame by frame in Flash. 

I used This 'smoke loop' which a created a while ago as a basis to create a 'psychedelic' kind of pattern. Its grey, but after 'Colourizing' it in after effects and key framing the hue, I could build up a more elaborate pattern. I used a photo I took of some cardboard for a back drop.

I did the back drop and the animation of the guy in separate compositions and then put them together. 

I recorded the sound myself, the 'synth' parts done in Garage Band, which is mixed with some recording from my guitar. 

and the licking sound... thats me too. 

And the final piece.